לוגו של הירקון 54


Tel Aviv. The first Hebrew city.

The subject of so much literature and so many stories, and yet not a day goes by where it doesn’t surprise you. Not a day goes by without it revealing something new to you.

The energy, movement, the sense that something special is happening at every given moment, the special feeling that, no matter how big it is, it always lets you feel like you’re at the center.

Living in Tel Aviv means believing in freedom, believing in opportunity, believing that this is exactly how one should live. Starting with the amazing sunrise, the hidden sites, the vibrant markets, the breathtaking architecture that has been with us for over a century and, of course, the breathtaking sunsets on the unique shoreline.

Tel Aviv lets everyone be who they are, lets everyone express themselves and enables you to live just as you want to. We have an entire world and just one Tel Aviv and, from now on, you too can call Tel Aviv home. Your home.

Tel Aviv’s desirable HaYarkon St. has been at the heart of the upbeat atmosphere of the city that never stops for decades. It starts by the Charles Clore Park on the south and stretches to the Tel Aviv Seaport in the north offering broad and beautiful shores, a long and vibrant promenade, various gourmet restaurants, multiple tourist sites and historical buildings each presenting a story in itself. The 54 HaYarkon project allows you to enjoy the most vibrant scene in town. At just walking distance, you can enjoy all that the historical city has to offer. Every day, at every hour.



Your surroundings,
all within a walking distance


There are few projects that can boast a perfect location. 54 HaYarkon is definitely one of them. It is steps away from the beach, close to the historical city, to the city’s center, to Neveh Zedek, Jaffa and the flea market – actually, it is close to everywhere, whether by bike, on foot, by cab or by car – wherever you decide to go, the city is right near you, it’s right here.
תמונה של מפת תל אביב

location. location. location.



Tel Aviv’s 54 HaYarkon Project was meticulously planned in a unique manner never before seen in the city, enabling it to integrate within the region and become part of the amazing architectural mosaic comprising the street. An intimate and meticulously designed building of 8 designed and prestigious floors suited for only 8-11 tenants. The smart planning and meticulous attention to detail, along with the highest standard and prestige evident at every corner, allow you to enjoy a high and international quality of life at a project where each detail is planned precisely for you. 4 wind directions in each apartment, attached parking, a designed lobby, designed public areas and more – all enabling us to give you the best.

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רקע של ים ועליו הלוגו של הירקון 54


4 room apartment

Floors 1-5


Balcony 14²

2.5 room apartment

Floors 1-5


Balcony 12²

3 room apartment

6th Floor


Balcony 109²

7 room penthouse

Floor 5-6


Balcony 135²



Elite architect Gidi Bar Orian, responsible for some of the leading architectural creations in the city, was put in charge of planning the project. Alongside optimal planning, spatial vision and a retention of the time and place connection – he designed a unique and leading building whose sole aim is ensure that its tenants feel that they are living in a home in an urban and vibrant setting. Each element of the design is intended to give the building a sense of uniqueness and quality that will go on for years and especially to combine materials and a design that offers the best residential experience in town.

Nitzan Group specializes in exclusive real estate and construction projects in the heart of Tel Aviv. The company has a strong and stable economic base and a professional and experienced team. The locations of the projects are carefully selected and are considered as the best in Tel Aviv. Meticulous architectural design and uncompromising quality of construction guarantee the highest quality of life for the company’s purchasers. Nitzan Group believes in reliability, transparency and service and provides you with professional guidance throughout the construction period and also after handing over the property.

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